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Hot Sale Factory Supply Amprolium Hydrochloride Soluble Powder 20%

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Amprolium Hydrochloride Soluble Powder. A thiamine analogue. Blocks the thiamine transporter of Eimeria sp(type of Coccidia). By blocking Thiamine uptake Amprolium prevents protozoal carbohydrate synthesis and is thus a coccidiostat. Despite only moderate efficacy it is well favoured due to few resistance issues and is commonly used in conjunction with Sulphonamides prophylactically in chickens and cattle as a coccidiostat.

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Hot Sales Factory Supply Amprolium Hydrochloride Soluble Powder 20%

(1) Poultry Amation:prolium has great influence on Eimeria, but has less influence on poison,

Brudzinski,giantism, gentle Eimeria. Usually treatment concentration can’t totally

inhibition egg capsule to emerge. Therefore, people who in domestic and overseas,

use this medicine together with Ethopabate, sulfaquinoxaline in order to increase

efficacy.Amprolium has not too obvious inhibition action to the immunity of coccidium.

The drinking concentration 600mg/L is effective to prevent and treat Coccidiosis in


(2) Cattle, sheep,Amprolium has good preventive effect to calf and lamb Eimeria

coccidium. For lamb coccidium, by 275mg/kg every day, continuous use 21 days.

For calf coccidium, prevent by 25mg/kg every day, continuous use 21 days, treat by 50 mg/kg everyday, continuous use 50 days.

Mink spore ball insect disease, by 600mg/L drinking concentration, continuous use 30 days, can be effective to prevent egg capsule discharge.


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