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Best Price Veterinary Medicine Compound Iodine Solution

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Compound Iodine Solution Usually used in operation in hospital, skin and instrument antisepsis in injection, sterilization, prevent communicate in surgery and dermatology department; antisepsis for family tableware and implement; antisepsisand animal illness prevention and cure for food industry and livestock breeding industry and so on. The product is the first
choice ofiodine containing antiseptic and healthy epidemic prevention disinfector of developed countries, Accord with USP26,USP28 and EP standard.

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Compound Iodine Solution


Compound Iodine Solution is indicated for all sorts of pathogens wihch has strong affinity role, extremely easy penetration into the pathogen inside and pathogens virgin pulp ofprotein and other genetic sequence complexation amino generate strong halogenating effect,effectively kill many kinds of virus bacteria.


1.  Breeding environment of livestock and poultry farms, bee farms and silkworm farms.

2.  Feeding ware. Water sterilization.

3.  Aquaculture: Aquaculture water, aquaculture tools; It can prevent bleeding, rotten gills, ascites, enteritis, boils soya sheet and other bacterial diseases caused by vibrioaeromonas hydrophila and other bacteria.






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