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Furosemide Injection for Cattle, Sheep and Poultry Price Preference

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Furosemide Injection is a potent loop diuretic which is a derivative of anthranilic acid.

Chemical Name: 4-Chloro-N-furfuryl-5-sulfamoylanthranilic acid. Furosemide is pharmacodynamically characterized by the following:

1) Administered intramuscularly, it begins to act in about 30 minutes, and diuretic response is produced. When administered intravenously, the response is in about 5 minutes.

2) Is a loop diuretic which inhibits the reabsorption of sodium and chloride at the ascending loop of Henle in the kidneys, enhancing water excretion.

3) A dose-response relationship and a ratio of minimum to maximum effective dose range greater than tenfold.

4) A high degree of efficacy, low inherent toxicity and a high therapeutic index.

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Furosemide Injection for Cattle, Sheep and Poultry

Function Diuretics
Product Name Furosemide  Injection 1%
Composition Each ml contains 10mg furosemide.
Appearance Colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid.
Indication For treating various types of edema. It can also be used to accelerate the elimination of a toxin.
Dosage and Administration Intramuscular, intravenous injection: each dose based on 1kg of body weight: 0.05 -0.1ml for horse, cattle, sheep and pig; 0.1- 0.5ml for dog and cat.
Precaution 1. Prohibited to use on animals having urinating issues. Use with caution on subjects having electrolyte disorders or liver damage.
2. Hypokalemia, Hypocalcemia, Hypomagnesemia and dehydration can occur if long-term used and/or in large doses. In this case, potassium or potassium diuretic drug can be supplemented or combined or alternatively used, with a routine monitoring of the water and electrolyte balance.
3. Combination with amino glycoside antibiotics and corticosteroids should be avoided.
Withdrawal Period Not specified in the standards at present.
Specification 10%, 1ml: 10mg
Storage Protect from light and seal tightly. It is recommended to store in a dry place at normal temperature.

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Vendor: Dowsun Pharmaceutical

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