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High Quality Horse Medicine Pyrimidine Palmamate Oral Liquid

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Pyrimidine Palmamate Oral Liquid is for the removal  and control  of mature   infections  of  large    strongles(Strongylus   vulgaris   ,S.edentatus, S.equinus);  pinworms(Oxyurisequi);large roundworms(Parasacaris   equorum); and small  strongyles in horses  and ponies.

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Pyrimidine Palmamate Oral Liquid for horse uses

Indications :
Pyrantel  Pamoate Suspension is for the removal and control of mature   infections  of  large    strongles (Strongylus   vulgaris   ,S.edentatus, S.equinus);  pinworms(Oxyurisequi);largroundworms(Parasacaris   equorum); and small strongyles in horses andponies.
Administer  3  mg  pyrantel   base   per  pound  of   body  weight(6 ml  Pyrantel Pamoate   per  1001b   body   weight.)  For  maximum  control of  parasitism, it  is  recommended   that  foals(2-8 months of age)be  dosed  every  4 weeks.To   minimize  potential    hazard    that   the    mare  may  pose  to  the  foal,she  should  be  treated  1month     prior  to
anticipated   foaling  date  followed  by   re-treatment  10  days  to 2weeks  after   birth  of  foal.Horse  over  8 months   of    age  should  be  routinely  dosed   every   6 weeks.Dose   Syringe : Draw   the     appropriate    dosage  of    Pyrante   Pamoate   into   a  dose   syringe  and administer  to  the animal . Do   not   expose   Pyrantel    Pamoate   to   direct  sunlight. Feed: Mix the    appdosage   of   Pyrantel  Pamoate   in   the   normal   grain ration.Fasting   of   animals   prior  to or following  treatment is  not required.
Storage:uniform    re-suspension   and   to achieve    proper   dosage,it   is extremely   important   that    the   product    be    shaken   and   stirred thoroughly   before   every   use.

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Vendor: Dowsun Pharmaceutical

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