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1% Ivermectin Injection 100ml for horse

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Dosage form: injection

Function: antibacterial

Animal types: cattle, poultry, horses, pets, pigs, sheep

Veterinary drugs: antibacterial drugs

Applicable to: livestock farms

Specification: 100ML/bottle

Product Advantage: high efficiency

Appearance: colorless

Certificate: GMP Pharmaceutical Products

Packaging: glass bottles

Type: antibacterial

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1% Ivermectin Long Acting Injection




Ivermectin is the breakthrough injectable parasticide for cattle,sheep and camels.It effectively controls internal and external parasites that impair livestock health and productivity. Ivermectin injection,contains ivermectin,is a unique new chemical entity. Its convenience, broad-spectrum efficacy and wide safety margin make it an ideal product for parasite control in livestock.


Ivermectin injection is indicated for the effective treatment and control of parasites:

in cattle:

Gastrointestinal Roundworms: Ostertagia ostertagi(adults and immatures)inclding inhibited,Iyrata (adults and immatures).Haemonchus placei(adults and immatures), Trichostrongylus axei(adults and immatures).T.colubriformis(adults and immatures).Cooperis oncophora(adults and immatures),C.punctata Oesophagostomum radiatum(adults and immatures),Nematodirus helvetianus (adults),N.spathinger(adults),Strongyloides papi Ilosus(adults),Bunostomum phlebotomum(adults and immatures),Toxocara vitulorum(adults).

in sheep:

Gastrointestinal Roundworms:Haemonchus contortus(adults and immatures),Ostertagia circumcincta (adults and immatures),O.trifurcata (adults and immatures), Trichostrongylus axei (adults),T colubriformis(adults and immatures), T.vitrinus(adults), Nematodirus fillcollis (adults and immatures), Cooperia curticei(adults and immatures),Oesophagostomum columbianum (adults and immatures), O.venulosum(adults),Chabertia ovina(adults and immatures),Trichuris ovis(adults).

in camels:

Gastrointestinal Roundworms:Camelostrongylus mentulatus(adults and immatures), Haemonchus contortus (adults),H.longistipes (adults),Ostertagia spp,(adults ), Trichostrongylus axei, T.colubriformis,T.probolurus, T.vitrinus, lmpalia spp, Oesophagostomum columbianum,O.venulosum, Chabertia ovina.


Subcutaneous injection.

Cattle/Camels: 1ml per 50kg Body Weight.

Sheep/Goat: 0.5ml/25kg Body Weight.

Pigs/rabbits:0.3ml/10kg Body Weight.

Dogs:Adjust dose according to weight or as doctor’s prescription . Recommended dosage volume is 0.4ml per 10kg body weight .


Withdrawal Period :

Cattle&Sheep must not be treated within 21 days of slaughter,Camel must not be treated within 28 days of slaughter.


Milk: Do not use in lactating animals from which the milk is used for human consumption.

Storage:  Protect from light and seal tightly.It is recommended to store in a dry place at normal temperature.


Presentation :  Vial of 10ml, 20ml,50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml

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Vendor: Guangren Pharmaceutical
Company: Hebei Guangren Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 139833828095

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