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Amprolium Hydrochloride Powder 20% Hot Sale

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Amprolium Hydrochloride Powder 20%  (INN, trade names Amprovine, Amprolium, Amprol, Anticoccid) is a coccidiostat used in poultry.
The drug is a thiamine analogue and blocks the thiamine transporter of Eimeria species. By blocking thiamine uptake it prevents carbohydrate synthesis.
Despite only moderate efficacy it is well favoured due to few resistance issues and is commonly used in conjunction with sulfonamides prophylactically in chickens and cattle as a coccidiostat.

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Amprolium Hydrochloride Powder 20%

oduct name Amprolium hydrochloride soluble powder 20%
(per gram
Amprolium hydrochloride  200 mg.
Sulfaquinoxaline  150 mg.
Vitamin A, retinol-acetate  15 000 IU.
Vitamin K3  5 mg.
Indications It is active against coccidiosis of poultry and livestock such as calves, lambs, and kids. No side effects on layers and fertility rates. Well tolerated by young and weak animals.
Dosage and Administration For oral administration:
Calves, sheep and goats:
Preventive : 1 gram per 50 – 100 kg. body weight via drinking water or milk for 21 days.
Curative : 5 gram per 25 – 50 kg. body weight through drinking water or milk for 5 days.
Poultry : 20 gram per 20 – 40 litre drinking water for 5 – 7 days.
Precautions Do not administration to animals with impaired liver and/or renal function.
Do not administration to animals with hypersensitivity to amprolium and/or sulfaquinoxaline.
At high dosages in laying-hens egg drop and in broilers growth inhibition and polyneuritis can occur. Crystalluria, anaemie, leucopenia and thrombocytopenia.
Warning 1.For Veterinary Use Only  
2.Keep out of reach children
Withdrawal  Period For meat:  14 days.
Storage Store in a dry place, sealed , protect from light.
Shelf-life 2 years




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