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CAS 67-63-0 High Purity 99.9% Min 2-Propanol Ipa Isopropyl Alcohol with Best Price

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2-Propanol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, is an organic compound categorized as a secondary alcohol and serves as the most commonly utilized and simplest compound of its kind. Colorless and with a strong aroma, this volatile liquid serves as a versatile solvent across various industries. Furthermore, it holds significance as a crucial building block in the synthesis of numerous organic compounds.



CAS No.:67-63-0

Other Names:IPA


EINECS No.:200-661-7

Place of Origin:Shandong, China

Grade Standard:Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade


Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Application:Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes Use

Model Number:67-63-0

Melting point:-88.5 ºC

Boiling point:82.45 ºC

Density:0.785g / mL(25 degree)

UN NO:1219

Product name:Isopropyl alcohol



specification result


colorless clarity liquid

colorless clarity liquid


99.9min 99.92


10max 5

water content%

0.05max 0.04

acidity(as acetic acid)%

0.002max 0.0008
density at 20ºC(g/cm3) 0.784-0.786


evaporation resuide% 0.002max


carbonyl value% 0.02max


sulfide content(mg/kg) 2max


water soluble experient




1.IPA is widely used as organic raw material and solvent.

2.Used in the electronics industry as a cleaning and degreasing agent.

3.Used as diluent of adhesive, extractant of cottonseed oil, solvent of nitrocellulose, rubber, coating, shellac, alkaloid, grease, etc.It is also used in antifreeze, dehydrating agent, preservative, antifogging agent, medicine, pesticide, perfume, printing industry, cosmetics and organic synthesis, etc.

4.Used in the production of diisoacetone, isopropyl acetate and thymol, as well as gasoline additives.

5.It can be used for degreasing tissue membranes of animal origin.

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