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good quality Vitamin E+Se Oral liquid

good quality Vitamin E+Se Oral liquid

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poultry fowl vitamin tonic vitamin E& Selenium Oral Solution



Essential component analysis(ml) 

Vintamin   E………100mg                              

Sodium Selenite—— 0.5 mg                          



VitaminE deficiencies (like encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, decreased hatchability in eggs, infertility problems) in calves, cattle, goats, poultry, sheep and swine. Prevention of iron intoxication after administration of iron to livestock. 

Stimulate grownth in poultry and livestock,prevention and treatment of encephalomalacia,dengenrative mycositis,ascites and fstty liver in Layers.It is used to improve laying yield parameters.


Dosage and Administration


Poultry: 1-2ml per 10 Liters of drinking water for 5-10 days. 

Calves,Lambs: 10ml per 50kg body weight for 5-10 days.


Storage:  store in a cool dry and dark place, protected from sunlight




After opening up as soon as possible to prevent air oxidation failure . 

This product saved a long time there will be slight precipitation,but doesn’t affect product quality,shake well before using.


For veterinary use only

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