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veterinary medicine antiparasitic drugs Albendazole Tablet for dogs

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Product introduction

Main composition:  Albendazole, ivermectin, compound enhancing factor, etc.

Specification:   Albendazole 350mg, ivermectin 10mg,; Storage in close, valid for two years.

Product Instruction:  It is an ideal anthelmintic preparation as Its broad spectrum and high efficiency for animal inside and outside. Mainlly used for the deworming of nematode, cestode, trematode inside the livestocks and poultries, and outside arthropod parasite, such as scabiei, psoroptes communis, louse, tick, tinea, etc.

Action Characters:

1. Clean off once the imago and ovum of nematode, mansoni cestode, large trematode inside the livestocks and poultries

2. Thorougly cure the depilation and skin anabrosis caused by outside arthropod parasite, such as mite.

3. Parasite excretion and exfoliate of arthropod parasite would be seen after 1 – 3 days of usage

4. Easy to use, and good tolerability, no adverse effect to the recommended dosage.

Indication:  Used for the cure of endoparasite of ascaris, filaria in lung, cestode, and trematode, and ectoparasite of mite, louse, tick and ox warbles in ox, sheep, pig, dog, cat, etc.

Usage & dosage:  One tablet for 30 kg weight of ox, sheep and pig

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