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Antibacterial Drugs Povidone Iodine oral solution 10%

Antibacterial Drugs Povidone Iodine oral solution 10%

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lace of Origin:Hebei, China

Brand Name:guangren

Model Number:mifugo2019071208

Dosage Form:Oral Liquid

Function:Antibacterial Drugs

Animal Type:Aquatic Animals, Cattle, Horse, Other Special Breeding Animals

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Product introduction

Product Introduction:


PVP-I is the complex compound of PVP K30 and iodine, it has powerful bactericidal action to germ, virus, fungus, mold. It is stable, has no irritation and can dissolve in water completely. We also invent high-stable PVPI which is called YK-1032 by our own R&D team.



Usually used in operation in hospital, skin and instrument antisepsis in injection, sterilization, prevent communicate 

in surgery and dermatology department; antisepsis for family tableware and implement; antisepsisand animal illness 

prevention and cure for food industry and livestock breeding industry and so on. The product is the first choice of 

iodine containing antiseptic and healthy epidemic prevention disinfector of developed countries, Accord with 

USP26,USP28 and EP standard.

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Vendor: med

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