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Nutritional Vitamin B-Complex Powder
Nutritional Vitamin B-Complex Powder
Nutritional Vitamin B-Complex Powder

Nutritional Vitamin B-Complex Powder

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Product Name
Vitamin B Complex
99% Vitamin B Complex
Yellow Powder
Vitamin B Complex Powderis the health food with vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid
Supplement of VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid
Chemical Name
Vitamin B Complex;Vitamin B Complex powder;Vitamin B Complex price


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— vitamin B complex flake is produced by fermentation; during fermentation, a primary grown, high protein, pure culture yeast whose growth is under aseptic, aerobic conditions is produced.

— Note that the temperature, pH, and growth are closely regulated during fermentation. The resulting product, or yeast cream, is held in refrigerated storage to maintain cell viability; and the natural B vitamin levels are enriched with a specified vitamin pack.

— Prior to drum drying the chilled yeast cream is pasteurized through a high temperature sterilization system to assure that it meets or exceeds established human food grade.

Functions of  Vitamin B Complex Flakes or Powder:
1. It can provide plenty of vitamin B, protein, minerals and fiber which are necessary for people’s health;
2. The yeast vitamin B complex flakes or powder is rich in selenium, iron, zinc, yeast glucan which can fortify your immune system;
3. It can improve the function of intestines;

Features of  Vitamin B Complex Powder or Flakes:
1. Natural: natural yeast is adopted as the raw material;
2. Nutrient: Plenty of vitamin B and protein can be provided;

Applications of  Vitamin B Complex Powder or Flakes:
Our yeast vitamin B complex powder or flakes as well as other Angel nutritional yeast products, can all be adopted as the raw material of various kinds of foods or functional foods.

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