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High Quality and Rich Mineral Salt Licking Block for Cattle and Sheep

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Animal nutrition lick block(as known as Natural  Salt Licks, Salt Licking Block and Sodium Chloride Lick Block) has increased daily weight, milk yield and feed conversion efficiency, and is specialized in the prevention and treatment of various nutritional metabolic diseases. Increase the milk yield, weight, reproduction rate and survival rate of livestock. Promote digestion, improve the utilization of coarse fodder, and save material. It is full of nutrition, good adaptability, and also has the function of preventing disease, improving reproduction rate and immunity.

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High Quality and Rich Mineral Salt Licking Block
1. The feed intake increased 10-20%.
2. Beef and mutton sheep weight 10-25%.
3. The cow milk production increase 5-20%.
4. The lactation period and the use fixed number of year extended by more than 20%.
5. Ensure that milk or milk protein content of 2.9% or higher, significantly improve the quality of milk products, melamine.
6. High utilization of organic mineral elements, it can produce iron rich zinc selenium care milk, etc.
7. A significant decrease in the sheep, cattle stress reaction.
8. Enhancement of cattle, sheep fertility, promote the development of the baby's health.
9.Prevention and treatment of pica, such as eat excrement, licking the urine, etc.
10. Reduce rickets, soft bone disease, foot rot, sand crack, repeatedly with infertility, abortion, stillbirth, afterbirth not bottom, breast dysplasia, mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia, the incidence of postpartum paralysis, thick fur.






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