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Veterinary Drug Vitamin B Complex Powder good Price

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Vitamin B Complex Powder combines t in the body has a flavin enzyme cofactor components can participate in carbohydrates, amino acids and fat metabolism; They have similar biological effects and participate in metabolism of amino acid, protein, fat and carbohydrate in animal body.

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Vitamin B Complex Powder supply nutrition for animals


Each 1000g contain

Vitamin B1—-5.000 mg              Vitamin B2—-10.000 mg

Vitamin B6—-5.000 mg              Vitamin B12—-50 mg

Vitamin H (biotin)—-20 mg         Vitamin C—-15.000 mg

Vitamin PP—-20.000 mg           Calcium pantothenate—-15.000 mg

Excipient add to——1000g


Vitamin drugs. For the treatment of vitamin deficiency, Stomatitis, keratitis, anorexia, poor growth and so on.

Usage and Dosage

According to the product measurement,Mixing with drinking water:

Bee : 2~6mg everyday ( equivalent to this product 0.02~0.06g ) mixed with 30ml suger water, 1~3 days continuously.


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Vendor: Dowsun Pharmaceutical

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