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Vitamin B-Complex Powder.B vitamins are essential coenzymes in the biochemical reactions of the body, and play an important role in the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein.It is used to prevent and treat multiple neuritis, digestive disorders, leprosy, stomatitis, etc. caused by vitamin B deficiency


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Nutritional Vitamin B-Complex Powder

Functions of  Vitamin B Complex Flakes or Powder:
1. It can provide plenty of vitamin B, protein, minerals and fiber which are necessary for people’s health;
2. The yeast vitamin B complex flakes or powder is rich in selenium, iron, zinc, yeast glucan which can fortify your immune system;
3. It can improve the function of intestines;

Features of  Vitamin B Complex Powder or Flakes:
1. Natural: natural yeast is adopted as the raw material;
2. Nutrient: Plenty of vitamin B and protein can be provided;

Applications of  Vitamin B Complex Powder or Flakes:
Our yeast vitamin B complex powder or flakes as well as other Angel nutritional yeast products, can all be adopted as the raw material of various kinds of foods or functional foods.

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Vendor: Dowsun Pharmaceutical

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