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Basic Knowledge of veterinary medicine

News briefing: Veterinary Medicine

Basic Knowledge of veterinary medicine

Veterinary drugs refer to substances (including pharmaceutical feed additives) used for the prevention, treatment or diagnosis of animal diseases or for the purpose of regulating the physiological functions of animals, mainly include: Serum Products, vaccines, diagnostic products, micro-ecological products, Chinese medicinal materials, proprietary Chinese medicines, chemicals, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radiopharmaceuticals and pesticides for external use, disinfectants, etc. .

The animals in question include domestic animals, poultry, Aquatic animal, bees, silkworms and other animals.

Functions and characteristics of veterinary drugs (1) functions of veterinary drugs: Veterinary Drugs are drugs specially used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of animal diseases. 1. Prevention: Drugs used to prevent the occurrence of certain animal diseases, such as various vaccines, animal health products, etc. . Treatment: drugs, such as antibiotics, used to treat various diseases in animals. Diagnostics: drugs, such as diagnostic fluids and diagnostic drugs, used to identify animal diseases.

(2) the characteristics of veterinary drugs: 1. The packaging, dosage, route and method of application of veterinary drugs are formulated in accordance with the characteristics of the animals themselves. For example: The packing size of veterinary drugs is relatively large, some veterinary drug dosage forms can be administered through feed. 2. There are strict limits on what veterinary drugs can be used for. For example, Ruminantia are sensitive to certain anesthetics, cattle have low tolerance to mercury preparations, furans can cause poisoning in poultry, and antibiotics can cause digestive disorders in herbivores, wait 3, veterinary drugs in the animal body excreted faster. 4. Veterinary drugs are not for human use. The formulation, production technology, quality inspection, usage and dosage of veterinary drugs are designed according to the characteristics of animals and are not suitable for people.