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In spring, the incidence of rumen food accumulation in cattle is high, pay attention to strengthen prevention and control!


Cattle rumen overeating is mainly caused by feeding problems, and it occurs all year round, but the incidence is often higher in spring, so pay attention to prevention and control. Less serious conditions can usually be treated effectively, but in order to reduce unnecessary economic losses, it is recommended to start with prevention to reduce the incidence

  1. Causes and symptoms of rumen food accumulation in cattle
  2. Etiology: When cattle eat too much light powder or root feed, they are prone to indigestion and cause rumen food accumulation. In addition, cattle that eat too much feed and drink a lot of cold water after being particularly hungry for a long time are also prone to cause this disease.
  3. Symptoms: The main symptoms of affected cows are loss of appetite, abdominal distension, belching from time to time, and often wagging tail and moaning in pain in severe cases.
  4. Strategies to prevent cattle rumen food accumulation

Usually in the process of raising cattle, if you can pay attention to strengthening prevention, you can basically avoid the occurrence of rumen food accumulation in cattle. Farmers can start from the following aspects to prevent:

  1. When cattle have not eaten for a long time, especially when they are very hungry, avoid overeating and drinking a lot of water.
  2. When feeding the cattle with cereal concentrate feed, starch or block feed, pay attention to controlling the dosage, and you must be vigilant about this.
  3. The temperature is not stable recently. When drinking water for cattle, it is recommended to drink clean warm water.
  4. When feeding cattle, change the feed slowly. If you want to change the feed that has been used for a long time, it is not recommended to change it suddenly.
  5. While doing a good job in feeding, the cattle can be allowed to exercise more if conditions permit, so as to promote digestion and reduce disease.
  6. Treatment plan for cattle rumen indigestion
  7. For treatment, rumenbao 500g/500kg feed can be used for mixed feeding. Or take 220g of cattle and sheep appetizers, once a day, for 3-5 consecutive days. You can also use Xiaoweiping 100ml/head, orally or mixed drink, for 3-5 consecutive days.
  8. Those who are seriously ill and have poor appetite can be treated with hypertonic sodium chloride injection.
  9. If the disease is mild, it can be mixed with 1000g/2000 catties of Hawthorn Aurea to help digestion, promote digestion, improve the condition, and gradually get better.
  10. In addition, some earth methods can also be used to treat cattle rumen indigestion, for example, mashed garlic can be mixed with white wine for oral administration. In the early stage of the disease and the condition is mild, you can also massage the rumen of the affected cow with your hands, and then give the cow more water to help promote rumen peristalsis and facilitate digestion.