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How to treat the fecal water of pig farms? These methods are worth learning


Pig excrement contains a large number of microorganisms and drug residues, which are the main substances that pollute soil and water sources, and also contain parasite eggs. Therefore, pig farms should reasonably dispose of pig excrement. So what should we do with the fecal water in the pig farm? Today, let’s talk about this topic for your reference.

  1. Make biogas
    Pig manure and sewage can be made into biogas, which can be used as fuel, lighting, power generation, etc., and has a wide range of uses. The fermented biogas residue can be used as fertilizer to grow crops, and the biogas slurry can be discharged into the pond for biological treatment, which is also a common method of treating pig manure in rural areas. However, we still need to disinfect the pig farm at ordinary times to avoid the infection of bacteria in the pig farm. It can be used in the pig farm: Feike Tai Bao, whose main ingredient is potassium bisulfate compound salt, can effectively kill the common bacteria or bacteria in the pig farm.
  2. Fermented into farmyard manure
    The dry pig manure in the pig farm is stacked in the fermentation tank, and a layer of quicklime is sprinkled on it, and then covered with plastic film or mud. After about one month of fermentation, it can be turned into farm manure, which can be used to grow vegetables or fruit trees. In addition, this fermentation can also disinfection and sterilization the parasite eggs in the feces, which can play a certain role in preventing the spread of parasites. However, if the pigs in the pig farm have been infected with parasites, they need to be given albendazol ivermectin powder, which can be used to repel the pigs. After the treatment, they can also be given to the pigs: multi-dimensional Tai Bao, which can supplement the nutrition for the pigs, to prevent the pigs from wasting due to parasites.
  3. Make organic fertilizer
    Squeeze pig excreta into dry matter, which is basically odorless and sticky, and can be directly used as fertilizer. If you want to make organic fertilizer, add straw bran into it, stir it fully, and add bacteria to ferment, and finally turn it into granular compound organic fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer can also be sold to increase income for pig farmers. However, during the production of these fertilizers, it is still necessary to disinfect the pig farm. You can use the following method: to spray the floors and walls of the pen thoroughly, which can have a good disinfection effect and avoid the infection of pigs with bacteria.
  4. Preparation of culture materials
    The manure from the pig farm can also be made into mushroom culture material. Generally, pig’s excrement and straw are dried and crushed, and then mixed together in the proportion of 6:4, adding gypsum powder or superphosphate, and then processed. This treatment method is also very common in rural areas.
    The above is the common method of treating fecal water in pig farms. You can choose the most appropriate method according to the actual situation of your own farms. I hope this article will help you.