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Five ways to save money raising sheep!


“The price of sheep in the market is getting higher and higher, and many people are starting to raise sheep.”. Everyone knows that the cost of raising sheep is generally not too low, which means there won’t be very high profits. So today, teaching you five sheep raising techniques can reduce a lot of costs! Sheep farmers need to take a look!
Properly adjusting the structure of sheep flocks
In sheep production, it is necessary to properly adjust the flock structure, timely eliminate sheep with poor production performance such as old and weak body, poor reproductive rate, and slow growth speed, and retain excellent sheep with good breeds and fast growth. In this way, whether the market is good or bad, it can ensure the maximization of sheep breeding benefits.
Reasonable selection of roughage

  1. Sheep consume a large proportion of coarse fodder, which is cheap but bulky and difficult to transport. It is recommended to purchase locally based on local conditions. Wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut seedlings, and other crop stalks can be used. However, it is necessary to undergo crushing, silage, and ammoniation processes, which not only improves the palatability of the roughage, but also makes the nutrients in it more conducive to the absorption and utilization of the sheep.
  2. Coarse fodder is best purchased directly from farmers during the harvest season in rural areas, which facilitates collection and is much cheaper than buying from grass traders.
  3. When local forage resources are abundant, grazing or mowing can be relied on to solve the problem of coarse fodder sources.
    In short, choose whichever roughage is cheaper, and then mix it with a certain proportion of other feeds, which not only ensures the nutritional requirements of mutton sheep but also reduces feeding costs.
    Shorten the fattening period
    It is advisable to take 2-3 months, and flexibly control the fattening time according to the fat status of the fattening sheep. In the green grass period, where there are grass slopes, adult sheep with poor body condition can be grazed and raised first. Using green grass to fatten the sheep can save feed and reduce costs.
    Self breeding and self maintenance
    If you have breeding rams and ewes with excellent breeds, you can breed and raise them yourself, which not only reduces the spread of diseases, but also greatly reduces the cost of breeding.
    Select good varieties
    There are many breeds of sheep, and suitable breeds should be selected based on local conditions. A good variety should have the advantages of rapid growth and development, strong fecundity, stable genetic performance, strong adaptability, and tolerance to rough feeding.