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How to treat piglets without food? How do piglets lose weight without eating?


Non eating of piglets may be caused by various reasons, such as digestive system discomfort, environmental changes, disease infection, and so on. Piglets should not be given medication or use improper methods to handle problems without eating. It is best to consult a veterinarian in a timely manner and follow their recommendations for treatment.
How to treat piglets without food

  1. Liquid feed mixed with pellet feed
    The weaned piglets shall be transferred to the nursing room within 3 days and fed with “water” five times a day, slightly thinner than Congee, twice in the morning and afternoon, and once in the evening. First, add “water” to the jar, when the piglets eat it 7 or 8 times, and then add pellet feed; On the second and third days, when the piglets eat 5 or 3 times, add pellet feed.
  2. Continuous lighting at night
    Many piglets begin to learn to feed after weaning, mainly by observing how their peers do it. They do not see this behavior at night, which makes the proportion of feed piglets grow slowly. Therefore, 24 hours of lighting should be maintained for 3 days after weaning, and lighting should be used at night to increase lighting time.
    In addition to fasting and lean pigs, pigs also have some symptoms of weaning stress, such as sucking on the abdomen of other pigs and diarrhea. For these performances, it is recommended that:
  3. Suitable for day old weaning. Early weaning, piglets who eat less or do not learn to eat, slow growth after transfer to the nursing room, and more piglets who hunger strike; Being too late is not conducive to disease control and improving sow production efficiency.
  4. The key to avoiding a hunger strike for piglets after weaning is to eat sufficient feed before weaning. This requires that the breeder have a high sense of responsibility and operational skills. Raising in the original pen for a week can reduce the occurrence of weaning syndrome in piglets.
  5. To save starving piglets, it is necessary to be patient and not give up easily.
  6. Feed thinners fresh, keep the feed trough clean, clean frequently, and add less frequently.
    How do piglets lose weight without eating?
    There are several possible reasons why piglets lose weight due to not eating:
    Health issues: Piglets may suffer from certain diseases or infections that affect appetite and digestive function.
    Feed issues: The type, quality, and taste of feed may affect the appetite of piglets. Feed that is too coarse and too dry may cause piglets to be unwilling to eat.
    Environmental issues: Factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation in the breeding environment can affect the appetite and digestive function of piglets.
    Vaccination issues: If piglets are not vaccinated with the necessary vaccines, they may develop some diseases that affect appetite and digestive function.
    The following measures can be taken to address the problem of piglets losing weight due to not eating:
    Check the health status of piglets and promptly treat diseases and infections.
    Check the type, quality, and taste of the feed, and try adjusting the feed formula to provide digestible feed.
    Check the breeding environment to ensure proper temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions.
    Ensure that piglets receive the necessary vaccines to avoid illness.
    If the above measures are complete, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a veterinarian and carry out treatment according to the veterinarian’s recommendations. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to providing sufficient drinking water for piglets and keeping the water dispenser clean and sanitary to ensure the health and growth of piglets.