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What are the symptoms of cattle anthrax? Will cattle get sick after using anthrax vaccine?


Bovine anthrax is an acute and severe infectious disease of animals caused by Bacillus anthracis. It is necessary to master its symptoms so as to achieve early detection and treatment in the daily breeding process. So, what are the symptoms of cattle anthrax? Will cattle get sick after using anthrax vaccine? Let’s take a look:
What are the symptoms of cattle anthrax?
The incubation period of bovine anthrax is 1-5 days. Cattle are mostly acute type. The sick animals have fever of 42 ℃, dyspnea, visible blue purple mucosa, bleeding spots, rumen distension, abdominal pain, general tremor, coma, and death in 1-2 days. There was natural pore bleeding before death. When the course of disease is long (2~5 days), skin edema of neck, chest and abdomen can be seen.
The most acute type: when the symptoms of the sick cow can’t be seen, the symptoms will suddenly fall to the ground, the whole body will twitch, the breathing sound will be loud, especially rapid, the mucous membrane will be cyanosis, the mouth will flow dark red blood, and in a few minutes will be unable to breathe, suffocate and die.
Acute type: the temperature of the sick cow will suddenly rise to above 40 degrees, with eyes wide open, fidgety, fidgety running, accompanied by howling, and will weaken within half an hour, and it is very difficult to breathe. There will be jelly and even blood in the stool. Pregnant cows will cause miscarriage and die within one or two days. The body’s natural pores will bleed and blood will not coagulate.
Sub-acute type: Sub-acute type is the slowest of the three symptoms. The sick cow has scleroma in the chest, breast and anus. At the initial stage, pressing the cow will howl because of pain and can feel higher heat. The symptoms of acute type will appear after a few hours, and the swelling area will be necrotic after a few days, but the duration of the disease can reach one week.
Will cattle get sick after using anthrax vaccine?
Every year, the non-toxic anthrax spore vaccine or No. II anthrax spore vaccine shall be injected regularly. After the specific vaccine is injected into the cattle, the immunity can be produced after about 15 days, and the disease will not be infected. The immunity period is one year. Bacillus anthracis vaccine II can be subcutaneously injected with 1mL regardless of the size of cattle, and 0.5mL for those under 1 year old.
In short, like other infectious diseases, anthrax has nothing to worry about as long as the source of infection is blocked. After confirming anthrax, immediately block the site, thoroughly disinfect the contaminated environment and tools (using 20% bleaching powder), and burn fur feed, mat grass and excrement; The flow of personnel, livestock and vehicles shall be controlled and strictly disinfected; Tools and clothes can be boiled or sterilized by dry heat (tools can also be soaked in 0.1% mercury solution). The diseased animals were treated with anti-anthrax serum, sulfanilamide and penicillin. The susceptible group should be inoculated with anthrax spore vaccine once a year. The body was buried or burned.