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Is it better to mix the cow fodder into the grass or feed it alone?


Is it better to mix the cow fodder into the grass or feed it alone? Should cattle be fed with fodder or concentrate feed first? This problem is generally raised by feeding fodder first and then concentrate. In fact, this can not be generalized, but can be seen in different situations.
Is it better to mix the cow fodder into the grass or feed it alone?
Cows first feed refined materials, then hay to help digestion and absorption, and then mix the materials! Like human beings, cows are prone to flatulence when they eat too much refined grain. They must use hay to help digestion and absorption, so that cows’ milk is good.
Mixed fodder feeding is also a commonly used feeding method for cattle raising. I personally think this method is better. All kinds of fodder are mixed together evenly, and the amount of various nutrients taken by cattle is more balanced. This method is suitable for most cattle. The fodder is neither too dry nor too wet during feeding. It is better to grasp it into a ball and loosen it to disperse
When should we feed first?
For calves and cattle in intensive fattening period, if you want to make them grow fast, you must let them take in enough nutrition. The nutrition of roughage is much lower, and its role in cattle raising is mainly to satisfy hunger and promote rumination. For this kind of cattle, we can take concentrated feed first and then coarse feed, with * * intake of nutrition. However, it is worth noting that in intensive fattening period, when you feed a large amount of concentrated feed, you must pay attention to adding baking soda to neutralize stomach acid, as well as regular or long-term stomach building
Feeding Precautions

  1. Pay attention to whether the feed is mouldy. Many farmers will store a large amount of grass in autumn. When feeding the stored grass to cattle later, they should pay attention to whether the grass has become mouldy. Mouldy feed needs to be eliminated in time.
  2. Do not overfeed each time. When feeding cattle, pay attention to determine the total amount of ration according to the weight and fat of the cattle, and then feed the cattle less frequently to avoid the burden on the stomach of the cattle caused by too much feeding at one time.