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Pig farmers see that quicklime is used for disinfection in pig houses!


Generally, households are disinfected with quicklime, that is, sprinkled or sprayed with water. In fact, for small farms like ours, there is basically no or no delivery bed, nursery bed and other equipment. The hygiene of the pig’s nest is not very clean, especially when diarrhea is very dirty and very easy to infect. At this time, you can clean up the excreta, sprinkle a layer of quicklime, and sprinkle a little more, which is not harmful. Based on the standard that can completely absorb water and dry the ground, the piglets will arch at the beginning of freshness, but give up after tasting the spicy lime. In this way, not only the disinfection, sterilization and anti-infection effect is very good, but also the nest can be kept clean and fresh. My family often sows and piglets have white ash and no burns, which is because quicklime becomes calcium hydroxide inactive after exothermic decomposition when it meets water. I also disinfect fattening pigs and sows in this way. Clean the excrement and wash it with water. Sprinkle quicklime when it is not dry, and then use a broom to evenly adsorb dry noodles. The effect can be seen in a straight line. Take the previous two years for example, the number five infectious disease has occurred in the two neighboring farmers’ houses. The piglets and pigs are full of pain, and the only wife is flat. She comes to ask for advice, and sprinkles lime. The water will heal quickly, prevent infection, and sprinkle more on the pigs.
There are many benefits of sprinkling on the outside of the pig farm. Put a row of steps in and out at the entrance, and the effect is really visible. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the ground is semi-wet when the pig is used with ash. After sprinkling, sweep it and let it absorb the ground, so as to prevent the quicklime from flying and burning the exhalation path.