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What is the cause of cow cold?


Cattle breeding has always been one of the most popular breeding projects, and the price of cattle has always been relatively stable, which has also made the market better. There are more and more cattle farmers, but in the process of breeding, cattle will also develop diseases due to some environmental or dietary problems, such as common cold diseases. So, what is the cause of cow flu? How to treat cow flu?
Causes of cold:
There are many reasons for cow colds, such as colds caused by sudden changes in the weather, colds caused by improper diet, colds caused by weakened physical function after a long time of transportation, colds caused by long-term excessive humidity in the breeding ground, colds caused by excessive exercise and excessive sweating, colds caused by physical deterioration caused by long-term inactivity and colds caused by no preventive measures after rain, etc, These are the causes of cow flu.
Symptoms of cold:
The symptoms of cow flu are shortness of breath, high body temperature, blurred eyes and tears all the time. Do you have a cough like sound, and extreme irritability, and sometimes a runny nose, and some will appear as diarrhea, hoarseness of voice, loss of appetite, and other symptoms, and then there are white lips and tongue, lack of energy, and shivering. We need to treat them in time, Otherwise, it is very possible that the cow will lose weight and even die. Of course, it can’t be ruled out that it will heal without medicine, but the probability is really not high.
Wind-heat cold (superficial type). It is mainly caused by exogenous wind evil and heat type, which can occur all the year round. Its main symptoms are: body temperature rises up to 39~40, rapid breathing, thick exhalation, heat sensation, thick alveolar breath sound, pulse floating number, throat swelling, dry mouth and red tongue, cough, and sensitive throat touch. The ears, nose and limbs are warm, the stool is dry, and the urine is small and yellow.
Wind-cold cold (superficial cold type). It is mainly caused by exogenous wind evil and cold evil. It is common in winter and spring, and can also occur in other seasons. The main symptoms are: normal or slightly elevated body temperature, low spirits, clear nasal discharge, warm mouth, loose hair, frequent cough, occasional nasal sweat, and pale mouth.
Half surface and half interior. The main symptoms are: prolonged course of exogenous disease, slight fever, lethargy, cold and hot exchanges, when cold, the waist arched hair stands, and the tongue coating is thin and white.
Prevention and control methods:
According to the different symptoms of cow flu, there will be different prevention and treatment methods, but the most important thing is to prevent colds. We can improve the disease resistance by adding pestilence toxin and astragalus effect. The second is to strengthen the feeding management, clean the cattle pens in time, keep the cattle pens dry and sanitary, and carry out disinfection and sterilization from time to time. Do not eat inferior products or expired products for feed. Drinking water should be clean and pollution-free. If you get caught in the rain, keep them warm, or you will catch a cold. Finally, if you catch a cold, you should immediately isolate it, otherwise it will be infected. Secondly, you can feed more hay and inject Sujieda.
The above is the whole content of “What is the cause of cow flu? How to treat cow flu?”. I hope it will be helpful to your breeding!