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Do you know the 10 manifestations of sub-health of pigs?


Why is it more and more difficult to raise pigs now? Is the resistance of the pig herd reduced, or the level of feeding management reduced? In fact, the sub-health status of pig herds is often ignored. What are the manifestations of sub-health of pig herds?
10 manifestations of sub-health of pig her

  1. Coat: rough and disordered coat, pale skin. The lung is responsible for fur, respiratory diseases are common, and mucosal immunity is low.
  2. Back: Rust bleeding, heart controlling blood, liver storing blood, spleen controlling blood, sow’s lethargy, liver damage, loss of appetite.
  3. Eyes: There are many lacrimal spots. The liver opens the eyes. The liver is the largest detoxifying organ of pigs.
  4. Toe and hoof: hoof crack, hoof damage, erosion, etc. The hoof is the rest of the bone, and the kidney is the main bone.
  5. Neck: cyst, eye bleeding after injection, and the wound does not heal for a long time.
  6. Perinatal problems: lack of food before and after childbirth, constipation, insufficient labor force during delivery, long duration of postpartum lochia, stillbirth and weak baby.
  7. During lactation, sow has no milk and little milk, milk is thin, and mastitis. Pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery, etc.
  8. No estrus, no obvious estrus symptoms, infertility rate, etc.
  9. The piglets have fever, diarrhea and emaciation during the lactation period (mostly caused by the virus in the sow).
  10. The overall development of the pig herd is irregular, the size is uneven, the individual development is uneven, and individual pigs are thin.