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How does duck paralyze leg not to eat food to return a responsibility?

News briefing: Duck legs

How does duck paralyze leg not to eat food to return a responsibility?

Into the autumn and winter season, the weather turned cool, and the temperature is often up and down. For the farmers, is not a small challenge, a careless, breeding poultry and livestock easy to get sick. Master Ma of Zhangzhuangpu, Gong’an County, Jingzhou, has been worried about his family’s ducks.

Ma Zhaobing, a villager in Wangjiacha village, Zhangzhuangpu town, Gong’an County, Jingzhou, said: What happens to ducks is they paralyze their legs and they don’t eat, and then they die two days later. Master Ma has raised more than 1500 laying ducks. From more than 10 days ago, more than 100 ducks became paralyzed and stopped eating. He immediately asked the local veterinarian to give the ducks injection treatment, the overall situation has improved, but there are still more than 40 ducks sick seedling, which made him very worried.

Wang Shengkun: the whole ovary is dead. No more eggs will be produced. The little follicle has died, and eventually it will burst, and when the egg whites are broken into it, it will cause a fever in the duck. Teacher Wang believes that master Ma’s ducks are infected with the yellow virus. In recent days, the disease has been spreading across many parts of Jingzhou. Its main symptoms are paralyzed legs, fever, reduced food intake, and even death. Wang said, to fight the yellow virus, we must first do a good job of prevention. Monopoly up expert service group, livestock experts, Wang Shengkun: to do a good job of epidemic prevention, before production to do prevention and control, vaccination. If you already have the disease, you should relieve it with an injection, and then continue to catch up with the vaccine. At the same time, Wang stressed that the yellow virus is mainly harmful to the reproductive system of laying ducks, resulting in a sharp decline in egg production. Therefore, for those seriously ill ducks, the villagers should make a decision, take measures, do not delay.

LONGXING Expert Service Group, livestock expert, Wang Shengkun: Some ducks are very sick, this disease is irreversible, egg production rate is difficult to restore the situation, must be eliminated early. Now into the autumn and winter season, climate change, villagers must strengthen management. Wang reminded that every autumn and winter, duck farmers should be especially vigilant against the three major diseases of the duck threat. The first yellow virus, the second avian influenza, the third cholera. If these three conditions can be avoided, other small problems to strengthen management, there will be no problem.