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How is bovine nodular dermatosis caused? How to treat bovine nodular dermatosis?


Bovine nodular dermatosis, also known as bovine nodular rash, bovine pimple dermatosis, is an acute, subacute or chronic infectious disease of cattle caused by pimple skin virus. Bovine nodular dermatosis has appeared in many places, and as a cattle farmer, we have to pay attention to it. Let’s learn how bovine nodular dermatosis is caused? How to treat bovine nodular dermatosis?
How is bovine nodular dermatosis caused?
The pathogen causing bovine nodular dermatosis is bovine nodular dermatosis virus. Bovine nodular dermatosis virus is a double-stranded DNA virus with a genome size of about 151 kbp. The virus belongs to the sheep pox virus genus of poxviridae, which is a small poxvirus with the size of about 260-320nm and is brick or oval.
The analysis of its DNA showed that it had 80% homology with goat pox virus strain and 96% homology with goat pox virus and sheep pox virus genomic nucleotide.
The bovine nodular dermatosis virus is sensitive to heat and can be inactivated at 55 ℃ for 2 hours or 65 ℃ for 30 minutes; It is freeze-thaw resistant and can be stored for 10 years at – 90 ℃ and 6 months at 4 ℃ in infected tissue fluid.
The virus particles are sensitive to acid or alkali and can survive in the environment of pH 6.6-8.6 for a long time; It is sensitive to 20% ether, chloroform and 1% formalin; It is also sensitive to sodium hypochlorite (2% – 3%), phenol (2%), iodine compound (1:33 dilution) and quaternary ammonium compound (0.5%).
In addition, virus particles are also sensitive to sunlight and can remain active for several months under dark conditions.
How to treat bovine nodular dermatosis?

  1. If individual cattle have nodules, they can be smeared with povidone iodine, or purple potion, or iodine wine.
  2. If the sick cattle can feed normally, they will gradually recover in about a month. During the period, the sick cattle can drink more astragalus water, and the feed is mainly indigestible green hay, and the feed is sprinkled with stomach strengthening and ruminant powder to assist digestion recovery. It is recommended to feed less corn concentrate (the digestion ability is decreased during the illness, and the indigestion, flatulence and accumulation are easy).
  3. If the sick cow has symptoms such as low food intake, fever and physical weakness, the fever can be properly reduced (generally, the fever will not be caused if the abscesses on the body surface are cleaned up), and infusion or infusion of glucose can supplement physical strength. It can also be fed with Huangqi Shuangkang to improve resistance, block virus replication and assist recovery.
    The above is about how bovine nodular dermatosis is caused? How to treat bovine nodular dermatosis? The simple content is that although bovine nodular dermatosis can be cured, it does not mean that it is over. It will lead to the decline of beef cattle production performance, infertility and miscarriage of cows, and a significant decline in milk production of cows, which will cause great harm to cattle. In the future, these cured cows will not be easy to fatten.