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Teach you a few tricks to let piglets gain weight as quickly as possible during the feeding season!


At the age of one month, piglets are prone to the phenomenon of gluttony and snatching food, which is generally called overeating. In this period, if we pay attention to feeding, we can make piglets gain weight as quickly as possible. Now let me tell you a few measures.

  1. Fixed
    Fixed time: from the age of 30 days, the number of feeding times should be increased, generally 5 to 6 times a day, and the fixed time should be fixed to make the piglets form the habit of feeding regularly. Regular feeding of piglets can not only enhance digestion, but also maintain appetite without affecting the intake of the next meal.
  2. Diligence
    Less and more frequent feeding: every feeding should be less and more frequent, which is in line with the piglets’ eating habits, and more suitable for the piglets’ preference for fresh feed. Every time fresh feed is added, the piglets will scramble for food and eat more feed. At the same time, it can also reduce the waste of feed.
  3. Support
    Full belly: take advantage of the opportunity for piglets to eat more in the evening, feed general feed first, and then mix some fish meal and other feed to make them eat more. When the piglets are about to eat enough, feed their favorite feed, such as grain corn, germinated barley, melon, etc., and finally feed them green fodder, and give them clean drinking water. In this way, the belly of piglets will become bigger and bigger, and the appetite will become stronger and stronger.
  4. Stable
    Stable feed: feed must be stable at the feeding stage of piglets. Because once piglets get used to eating certain kinds of feed, sudden changes often affect their intake. The time for piglets to have a meal is in the afternoon in winter and in the evening in summer. During this period, the feed intake of piglets can account for more than half of the daily feed.