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What is the difference between Jersey cows and black and white cows?


The Jersey cow is a precious breed protected by a decree issued by the British government. Although the milk is thicker, the content of milk fat and milk protein is significantly higher than that of ordinary cows, and the price of milk is also more expensive than other milk, but why is there no black and white in the breeding of Jersey cows? How big is the number of cattle? What is the difference between Jersey cattle and Holstein cattle? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Features of Jersey cattle:

Jerseys are one of the smallest of the major dairy breeds (Kerrys and Dexters are smaller). It is related to the Swiss brown cattle, Devon cattle and Kerry cattle in blood, but not to the Holstein cattle.

A breed of dairy cow with high milk fat percentage and the smallest size. Native to Jersey in the English Channel, it has become famous all over the world in the 18th century. In order to maintain the purity of the species, the United Kingdom issued decrees in 1763 and 1789 to prohibit the introduction of other species to Jersey, and self-propagation was closed for a long time.

The biggest feature of Juanshan cattle is thick milk, high milk yield per unit weight, large milk fat globules, easy to separate, yellow milk, good flavor, protein far exceeds other ordinary milk, and its fresh milk and dairy products are very popular , so the milk produced by Jersey cows will also be more expensive than other ordinary milk.

Characteristics of Friesian Cattle

Production performance, the average milk production during the full lactation period is 4921.8 kg, the highest can reach more than 8000 kg, the milk fat rate is 3.5%, and some third births have a milk production of more than 10000 kg. Chinese black-and-white dairy cows are easy to graze and fatten. The slaughter rate of culled cattle is 49.7%, and the meat quality is good. The disadvantages are that the body shape of the cow is not uniform enough, the black and white flower slices are not clear enough, and the milk fat rate is low.

Holstein cows are currently the breed of dairy cows with the highest milk yield and the largest number of breeds in the world.

What is the difference between Jersey cattle and Holstein cattle?

The milk yield of Jersey cows is lower than that of Holstein Friesian cows. Generally, the yield of Jersey cows is 7-8 tons per year, while that of Holstein Friesian cows is generally 8-10 tons. Because there are relatively few Jersey cows in China, but the milk quality of Jersey cows is better, and the dry matter content in milk such as milk fat percentage and milk protein is still much higher than that of black and white cows.

The above is the difference between Jersey cattle and Holstein cattle, I hope it can help you better choose the breed of dairy cows that suit you.