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What’s wrong with the increase of defective eggs? Chicken breeders look at five common causes of defective eggs!


Laying hens earn money by selling eggs. If the egg quality is not good, it will definitely affect the income. However, laying hens will produce some sand-skinned eggs, soft-skinned eggs, spotted or shallow-shell eggs, which may be very annoying for farmers. Next, we will introduce five common types of defective eggs and their causes.
(1) Shallow eggshell
① Newcastle disease immunity lasts a long time, and the antibody to Newcastle disease decreases. Consider strengthening the epidemic prevention of newcastle disease.
② Infectious bronchitis causes tubal dysfunction.
③ Long-term digestive system diseases lead to poor absorption of nutrients. Microecological conditioning can be used to regularly purify water quality.
④ Excessive supply of stone powder.
⑤ Infection with parasites or chlamydia.
(2) Spotted egg
① The common pathogens of salpingitis are parasites and chlamydia infection.
② The use of miscellaneous meals may bring harmful substances that affect the health of the reproductive system.
③ Too much pigment is added, resulting in uneven pigment deposition.
④ Feed mildew can cause enterotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and salpingitis. Replace raw materials, remove mold, and do a good job of detoxification.
(3) Soft-skinned egg
① The amount of stone powder added is insufficient. The chicken does not have enough calcium or the calcium it eats is not easy to absorb. The calcium that is easy to absorb should be supplemented in time, and the stone powder should be replaced.
② Use pesticides to cause organic poisoning, and do a good job of detoxification.
(4) Eggshell
① Insufficient calcium content or imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio.
② Digestive tract absorption dysfunction, a large amount of calcium is excreted with feces, resulting in insufficient calcium deposition.
③ The effect of internal and external parasites, and the treatment of deworming.
④ Adding animal oil will affect the absorption of calcium. Avoid using animal oil to increase energy.
⑤ Lack of nutrients related to calcium metabolism, appropriately increase vitamin AD and essential fatty acids.
(5) Double yolk egg
① The light is too strong, the endocrine is too strong, and the light is controlled reasonably.
② When laying eggs, the laying hens are frightened or other oppressed, and may lay double yellow eggs.
③ Excessive addition of salt, vitamin E or premix will lead to endocrine disorders, so mineral additives should be reasonably added.
These are five common defective eggs and their causes. I hope it can help chicken farmers.