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Why do cattle and sheep have to be dewormed in spring?

News briefing: Deworming

Why do cattle and sheep have to be dewormed in spring?

Herd deworming is a very important link in sheep feeding and management, and also an important measure to block the occurrence and spread of parasitic diseases, it is of great significance to ensure the safety of sheep in spring, to promote the healthy growth of sheep, to speed up the fattening of sheep, and to improve the efficiency of raising sheep, it plays an important role in ensuring the security of the whole year.

Importance of deworming cattle and sheep in spring

The importance of deworming cattle and sheep in spring. Spring is the time when the earth springs back to life, especially after the awakening of Insects Festival on the twenty-four day of the lunar calendar. With the rapid rise of the natural temperature, in a suitable environment, a variety of parasites will be from the dormant state to wake up and start to frequent activities and breeding larvae, a large number of parasites larvae began to mature, a large number of eggs began to hatch larvae. If we don’t kill the parasites inside and outside the body of the sheep and the environment of the sheep, it will inevitably lead to the rapid spread of the parasitic diseases in the sheep and cause the sheep to get sick, light can lead to sheep weight loss, growth retardation, ewe abortion, fattening sheep weight loss; heavy can cause sheep weight loss and death, no matter what the situation will pose a serious threat to the sheep.

Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind the experience of awakening insects and deworming in spring. In the course of specific operations, farmers should determine the reasonable insecticide according to the main types of endemic parasites, the reasonable time of deworming according to climate change, and the reasonable dosage according to the individual size, the rational route of administration was determined according to the productive characteristics of sheep. At the same time, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the environment after deworming to ensure the complete and thorough deworming to reach the goal of deworming and disease prevention.